About Trollstigar

Trollstigar and Häxvrål is a site for people who are either living, holidays or always wanted to visit Vaggeryds municipality.

We have the vision that this site will serve as a comprehensive archive of the history, folklore, nature, art and culture in our municipality. This page will be an open platform for organizations and practitioners in these fields.

Craftsman, tourism entrepreneurs and the economy of the municipality has, of course, its place on the page.

Trollstigar & Häxvrål powered by Skillingaryd Photo Club in cooperation with the Labour Department in Vaggeryd.

Carl Winblad, webpage developer
Isaac Hessel, text and photo
Sandra Hedlund, text and photo
Mikaela Olofsson, text and photo
Phoi Quach, illustrations and photos
Amelie Lindberg, illustrations
Robert Lindberg, photo
Andreas Mattsson, photo
Mattias Bokinge, project leader

Many have helped us with tips and materials and we want to thank them here!

Special thanks we give to Anne Johansson and Annika Andersson, who has much of this page

Leader Western Småland and Vaggeryds municipality is delfinansiärer

This page is in no way finished and more tips on places and stories called!

At all locations Trollstig and Häxvrål and lead you to the Swedish right of public access. In nature reserves and national parks there specific rules that you as visitors are required to update you about. Take care of nature and park your vehicle carefully and given to landowners.


Mattias Bokinge, Skillingaryd Photo Club